Centerbeam flatcar (industrial products)

At BNSF, we move the raw materials and components industries need to make the products Americans use in their daily lives. Steel, paper, lumber and drywall are just a few of the industrial products we can ship.

This is a special flatcar that has a partition along the center line. It's perfect for materials that can be transported in packages and stacked on the railcar, like lumber, plywood and gypsum wallboard. The products are secured to the partition and to anchor points along the floor with cables.

Other types of flatcars

There are many variants of flatcar, ranging in length from 60 to 89 feet. There are flatcars specifically designed to carry large pipe. There are bulkhead flatcars, which have strong walls at each end to prevent stacked items from falling off the end. Heavy-duty flatcars have a depression or well between the trucks to accommodate large machinery. Elsewhere in this tour you can see a wind turbine blade being transported using flatcars.

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