BNSF Intermodal Benefits

We have the service offerings to meet your needs, including domestic, international, trailer, container, expedited and temperature-controlled.

Speed and Consistency – We offer the most efficient and reliable intermodal service available and are the fastest as measured by miles per hour. We are the premier expedited intermodal service in the industry.

Safety and Security – We know a safe and secure network is essential. Our vision is to operate injury- and accident-free, with damage-free delivery.

Market Reach – We give you access to all major North American markets.

Available Capacity – BNSF ensures that you have access to virtually unlimited capacity even at peak times by working exclusively with carriers who own their own equipment.

Expertise – We give you clear guidance on how to make your supply chain more efficient. Our dedicated team of intermodal specialists uses a collaborative approach to better serve you.

Technology and Innovation – From custom mobile apps to technology that enables you to track your shipments, we are always innovating to make doing business with us easier.

Environmentally Friendly – By converting more of your shipments from trucks to train, you can significantly decrease your carbon footprint.