Co-locating at a BNSF Logistics Park streamlines your supply chain and cuts costs while benefiting the environment.

How it Works

The BNSF Logistics Park strategy uses an intermodal hub to anchor distribution centers nearby, enabling us to partner with trucking companies and ocean carriers and provide streamlined supply chain solutions that connect manufacturers and retailers to their markets.

BNSF Railway’s logistics parks and intermodal facilities are strategically located so you can easily serve major markets across the country via our vast intermodal network.


Transportation costs represent a significant portion of total distribution and logistics expenses. Co-locating at a BNSF Logistics Park will provide cost savings and improve your supply chain efficiency.

By locating at a BNSF
Logistics Park, you can:

  • Improve operational efficiency and increase truck turns
  • Save up to $117 in drayage costs per unit by locating at BNSF Logistics Park
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Access BNSF Intermodal capacity


Rail is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Co-locating can take the cost- and fuel-saving benefits that shipping with BNSF already offers even one step further.

Co-locating with BNSF allows customers to:

Reduce the number of truck miles driven

Reduce CO2 emissions and use less fuel


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Because each project is unique, collaboration with your regional manager is essential in determining a plan that fits your exact needs.

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